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London Casting workshops / April 2017


Casting workshops in my North London studio in April 2017

NEW DATES > Saturday April 22 and Sunday April 23, 2017

COST > £50 Per person.

BOOKING > Purchase here !

ENQUIRES > at mail@philcuttance.com.

VENUE > Phil Cuttance Studio, N4 4AP, London

TIME > 1pm - 6pm

NUMBERS > 6-12 people.

GIFT VOUCHERS > Please enquire if you want a voucher to send to someone for a workshop.


Casting workshop with designer/maker Phil Cuttance. You will design and cast a small pen pot and unique vase using the same casting technique Cuttance uses for his Faceture vases.(Please note that you will not be casting a replica Faceture vase as it is too complex to do within the time allocated.)

A half-day, hands-on workshop for all skill levels that will introduce you to Phil’s casting technique. By using the process Phil has created to cast his Faceture vases, you will cast and take home your own pen pot and unique vase handmade by you, in a colour scheme of your creation.


Introduction: You will be given some brief background on basic casting techniques and of plastic moulding in production, and Phil will explain how his technique differs from traditional processes by allowing the quick design and casting one-off shaped vases.

Part One: You will be taught about the materials and tools you will be using and you will cast into a pre-prepared mould to get used to the casting process. You will select and mix your own resin, and cast a small pen pot.

Refreshment Break.

Part Two: We will spend time experimenting with the plastic sheet from which we will finally cast our own unique vase shapes, seeing what shapes and forms can be quickly made simply using plastic sheet, tape, and a scoring blade.
You will have the choice of either assembling a mould to create a vase from several existing template, or the freedom to customise your own unique form. Then we will de-mould our vases, and finish them by hand, ready for you to take home.
(Please note that you will not be casting a replica Faceture vase as it is too complex to do within the time allocated.)


- The workshop caters to all abilities and confidence levels.
- We will be using only hand tools, some of which are sharp.
- We will be working at tables and chairs, however the casting process does require periods of standing.
- You will not be casting a replica Faceture vase as it is too complex to complete within the time allocated.
- Tea, coffee, water and snacks will be provided.
- The plan for the afternoon is for the participants to cast their own pen pot and vase using Phil’s technique, as a once- off ; please note that the workshop is just a taster of this casting technique, to help ensure the process is not fully replicated outside of the workshops.

If you want to hear about future workshops please email - mail@philcuttance.com - and state 'Please add me to the workshop mailing list'.